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Taking Your Next Step

Climate Services

ClimaTrust helps you deal with the consequences of climate change for your business. We offer three services to further shape your climate change strategy:


1. Business analysis

2. Roadmap design 

3. Climate reporting

Concretely, this means identifying the climate risks and opportunities that your company faces, help to set carbon reduction targets, and assistance on TCFD reporting.   

Freelance Support

Are looking for temporary additional capacity to complete your project on time?

ClimaTrust provides freelance support on climate change and sustainability related projects like:

  • The EU Taxonomy       

  • NFRD reporting           

  • SFDR disclosures        


The mission of ClimaTrust is to help companies deal with the consequences of climate change to their business. As governments will aim for steeper greenhouse gas reductions, companies could be confronted with stricter energy standards and carbon pricing.


Moreover, there is increasing pressure from governments, investors and suppliers on companies to increase transparancy on their climate change strategy.  For example, Dutch financial institutions need to publicly report about the carbon footprint of their assets/investments from bookyear 2020 onwards.   

ClimaTrust helps you to set priorities and discover opportunities that climate change brings to your business. 

ClimaTrust was founded by Maurits Heldring in March 2020 and operates as an independent consultant that provides cost effective solutions for the financial sector and mid-sized companies in other sectors

‘After having worked in the investment industry for 20 years, I made the decision to take a next step in my carreer and to focus on addressing climate change.'

Maurits Heldring, CFA 




Lijsterbeslaan 12

1214 LR Hilversum

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 5142 1527

KvK-nummer: 77601750

Btw-nummer: NL003213750B7

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